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The Bots Are Back In Town - Bots Intro

Fri 04/24/2020

Now that I have started developing something (this site) that isn't work related,  I have begun digging around in my "old ideas" folder for some cool things to run on here.  First one out of the toy box is a collection of Twitter accounts that I used to run as bots.  This was from back in the day when I was fascinated with NLP (Natural language processing).  I've decided to start over and keep it much more light and simple, mainly to limit time spend as this subject matter can take you deep.

For the first phase of my new bot net, these things will be simply playing mad libs with some phrases I will teach them.  They'll also attempt to retweet, favorite, follow, etc...typical Twitter user behavior.  

IF (all caps for a reason) I don't grow tired of this project and I continue development enough to make them learn autonomously, I will start to share some code for anybody that is interested.  Until that point, any bot tomfoolery can been seen here: