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Smart Plug, Dumb PC

Sun 05/30/2021

Another follow up to this post about my terrible mini-pc hosting this site.

After I moved the mini-pc upstairs to resolve the broken wifi situation, I really noticed how often it was locking up.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, which in this case meant stopping by the electonics section of Walmart and seeing if they had any smart plugs.  Luckily, they did happen to carry some off-brand I had never heard of which I thought was somehow appropriate given its intended use (teaming up with the off brand piece of junk mini-pc).

For now, I can at least power-cycle my "server" from the comfort of my cell phone.  I may start to look at ways to automate this when an outage is detected.  



First impressions of the Geeni app is pretty good (this Merkury plug is a Geeni device).