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Mini PC - One Year Later

Fri 04/23/2021

Follow up to this post about using a cheap Chinese Atom based mini-pc as a server for this site.

Once again, the old adage "you get what you pay for" definitely holds up in this case.  For those that don't want to read the previous post, the mini pc in question is an ACEPC T11 that I purchased off of Amazon for around $140.  


Unfortunately, I don't have statistics to share on the uptime of this site but I can tell you it has been dismal.  The biggest hit to stability over the last thirteen months is that the T11 will lock up on occasion, requiring a hard reboot (unplug it/plug it back in).   The most recent annoyance in the stability department, Windows updates has rendered WiFi completely unusable so this mini pc now lives right by the router connected via CAT 5 I fortuntely had laying around.  My router lives upstairs while I live mostly downstairs, so the manual reboots just got even more irritating.


Being familiar with Intel Atom processors, I held very low expectations for the performance of this box.  Yet somehow, the ACEPC T11 somehow managed to fall short of those meager expectations.  It it slow and terrible.  If you are reading this, then hopefully you aren't feeling the pain of that performance (lack there of) thanks to significant caching and assistance from Cloudflare (read about that here and here).


If you want my advice, don't buy one of these cheap mini pc boxes.  Spend a little more and get a micro form factor thin client, or a real Intel NUC-like pc.