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Title CreatedDate Description
Uptime Improvement - Disable IPV6?! 8/19/2021 Disabling IPV6 (or a Windows update) has somehow drastically improved the uptime.
Smart Plug, Dumb PC 5/30/2021 Resorting to using a smart plug to power cycle computer.
Mini PC - One Year Later 4/23/2021 A little over a year later, a follow up on the mini pc as a server.
Restarting Netgear Nighthawk R6700 Router with Task Scheduler 5/21/2020 Blending Windows Subsystem for Linux, PowerShell and Task Scheduler to reboot Netgear router.
Even Faster Pages with Cloudflare 5/13/2020 Use Cloudflare CDN to cache ASP.NET MVC application
COVID 19 Testing Data without Total Cases and Deaths 5/7/2020 COVID19 Testing data by state
Scrolling Stock Data with CSS and API Mashup 5/4/2020 Combining CSS animations and a few stock APIs
Creating Dynamic Images Of Server Metrics Data 4/29/2020 Creating text-based images on the fly.
Faster Page Load Times With OutputCache And Task Scheduler 4/28/2020 Performance tuning with OutputCache and Task Scheduler
The Hardware: A Mini PC As A Server 4/27/2020 The server that is currently powering this site
The Bots Are Back In Town - Bots Intro 4/24/2020 Twitter bots, etc
DIY Exterior Alexa Sound System 4/21/2020 Cheap outside echo speakers to add to my Everywhere group.
Hello World 4/17/2020 Autogenerated first post.